02 July 2015

Why Do We Follow Westminster?

When a government acts secretly, it allows great freedom for them to conduct nefarious activities.

We in Australia have become rather silent on our governments' opaque activities, and by that itself, means we condone the acts that they are pursuing, ostensibly, 'in our best interests'.

By restricting FOI requests, and by redacting documents until they are undecypherable. By restricting journalists in what they can report on under threat of prosecution, and, the worst of all, labelling a person 'a traitor' or a 'terrorist' for sympathising with, thinking positively of, or - God forbid - joining a group that the government has declared a terrorist organisation.

Remember, they do this on the opinion of a government minister, who, in turn, gets the information from various agencies and 'spin doctors'.

A question we should all ask is, when does a government become traitorous itself? The secretive and traitorous acts a government may commit today, go unreported for a long time before a whistleblower who has indisputable evidence comes forward.

You may think that your government is always acting in the best interests of the Country in a broad sense, and yourself in a particular sense. But that is not the case. In many previous articles I have highlighted the fact that Australia follows the US and UK in their politics, both domestic, and in World affairs. So blindly do we follow those leads, that it does damage to us. Not immediately of course, but further along in time.

In the following short video I would like to show how a high ranking British diplomat was branded a traitor for disclosing - under oath - acts of extraordinary rendition, to the point of death, by the British government. And, how we Australians were led into the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq on the back of lies told to us by the US, UK, and our own governments. You can read his own atricle HERE.

Why Do We Follow Westminster?