24 July 2015
by John Passant

Of fascists and guns

One of the fascists on the bus from Sydney to the Melbourne Reclaim Australia rally had a gun.

Remember when Man Haron Monis took over the Lindt cafe in Sydney and held people hostage in December? He too had a gun. The difference was he was identifiably different, a Muslim. He got some of his hostages to wave an ISIS flag at one stage.

There was 24 hour reporting of this’terrorist’ action. Except it wasn’t terrorism. It was a deeply disturbed man going off the rails.

Facts do not matter when the media and politicians – Tony Abbott calls the siege a terrorist attack – have an Islamaphobic agenda to pursue, push and propagate.

Thus only ten months ago 800 police raided homes across Australia to charge one man with terrorism. There has been silence since. But the real reason for the raids, raising the climate of fear against Muslims, succeeded.

No doubt there will be hundreds of police raiding the homes of fascists across Australia any day soon, with the mainstream media in tow, to find guns, knives and other weapons and to stop their plans to attack the left. No doubt.

The treatment by the media and the politicians of the fascist with a gun story has been very very subdued. You do not have to be a genius to figure out why. First, fascists with guns don’t further the Islamaphobic agenda so the media remain quiet or even silent. Second, the ruling class finds the fascists and racists in Reclaim White Australia useful for pushing their agenda. Talking too much about fascists with guns might undermine Tony Abbott’s specific anti-Muslim campaign of fear and division.

It is no accident, as Julie Bishop informed us, that of the 400 people under surveillance by the ‘intelligence’ agencies, none are right-wing, anti-Islam campaigners. Fascists seemingly are not a threat in the eyes of the ruling class. The fascists are their useful idiots, their allies, or so the ruling class politicians think.

It is not just ruling class politicians who think like this. Victoria Police are now using the fascist with a gun incident, and the cops unprovoked pepper spraying of anti-racist protesters and street medics, to argue for further restrictions on the right to protest, that is for further restrictions on the left.

Thus, according to Bridie Jabour in The Guardian, ‘Victorian chief police commissioner, Graham Ashton, has signalled a change in protest laws after anti-Islam and racist protesters clashed with anti-racism groups at the weekend, saying both sides were as bad as each other.’ As bad as each other eh? Who has the guns Commissioner? Who has the pepper spray?

The only bad sides, as I have reported before, were the fascists and racists, and Victoria Police. Victoria Police high fived their mates, the fascists and racists, helped them, escorted them and showed clearly they were on their side. On the other side, they pepper sprayed medics.

This is not an accident. In Greece, for example, in the 2012 election there, the fascist Golden Dawn received 7% of the vote. Over half of all the police voted for Golden Dawn. This is not a solely Greek phenomenon. It is an expression of the role of the police in our society. They exist as the armed thugs of capital to repress any challenge to the rule of the bosses. Their training reinforces this.

The police see protests against any of the rotten aspects of capitalism as attacks on and threats to the system. Those, like the fascists and racists in Reclaim Australia, are about defending the old order, the old way, the polcie way. The cops see in the fascists their non-institutional brothers and sisters, people who wll join with them in putting down threats to the social order.

We live in dangerous times. The fascists have guns. One tried to bring a gun to a Reclaim Australia rally. A complicit media and political elite remain silent. We must continue our struggle against racism and Islamaphobia and build a mass movement against the extreme right and its puppet masters.