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02 January 2015
by John Passant

Billboard Bill Shorten gives us another zinger

Nothing sums up Labor better than this latest offering from the other party of neoliberalism.

What a winner! Billboard Bill sitting in an empty hall with that ‘WTF am I doing?’ look in his eyes. That image alone is sure to inspire millions of people. [Sarcasm for those who can’t spot it.]

Not only that but Billboard Bill assures us that 2014 was defined by the force of Labor’s resistance. Oh, that would be to the $20 bn of Budget cuts Labor waved through the Senate. If their resistance was so low key in 2014 (other than huffing and puffing and voting against the more outrageous Budget attacks) imagine what their ideas in 2015 will be like.

Let me hazard a guess. Their ideas will be all about what is good for the one percent, based on the hope that the benefits of shifting more wealth to capital and the rich will trickle down to us. In other words 2015 will just be another year of Labor Party neoliberalism wrapped in the rhetoric of sharing and caring.

People aren’t buying it. A recent study, conducted by the Australian National University (ANU) in partnership with the Social Research Centre, found that 57% of Australians think it makes no difference who is in government. Labor can pretend all it likes but as a manager of capitalism and the party who introduced neoliberalism into Australia and has been the most successful wealth shifter from labour to capital, many voters are wary of Labor and its claims it will make a difference.

All Billboard Bill and the Labor Party have going for them is that they are not Tony Abbott and the Liberals.