15 December 2015
by Mike.B

Blue NeoCon - Red NeoCon

Today in Australia we have a government that has lost its way, and an opposition that is ineffective in that role.

The acidic manner of Tony Abbott has been replaced with a more alkaline Malcolm Turnbull, and the deckchairs have been shuffled to give the impression of stability before the ship hits the iceberg, but the course hasn't changed.

The puerile dummy spit of Kevin Rudd has ensured that Bill Shorten is entrenched as Labor leader until he loses his seat. Bill knows this, and so he is occupying his behind the scenes time loggerheading with the unions, and power playing with the Senate to give impress that he doing something, whilst up front, and in the media, he is agreeing with Turnbull.

Meanwhile, Turnbull is in Paris with all the other talking heads of the world, extolling that Australia will be a responsible and innovative contributor to greenhouse gas reduction, whilst at the very same time his compadre Bambi Baird in NSW has given the green light to another mammoth coal mine that will mine another 40 million tonnes of product that nobody wants at the price it costs to get out of the ground.

On the red herring front, and whilst we are bombing the shit out of Iraq and Syria, keeping bona fide refugees in concentration camps where they are raped, murdered, and have to give blow jobs for a shower, we have domestic violence. Domestic violence has been rife in Australia since prisoners and whores arrived on the first fleet, but all of a sudden there is a gigantic kerfuffle that this has to be stopped. We all know that the simple solution would be to embed a domestic violence officer in every cop shop, be it city, suburban, provincial or rural, and to ensure that every dv allegation be followed up with AVO's and DVO's and that they are acted upon. But that costs money, and we don't have money for that. We only have money for advertising, it's cheaper. And both sides agree on that!

We have leased three or four of our ports to the Chinese. There was no thought of National Security, but more importantly, there was no thought that the Chinese will control a good part of our economy by what comes in and out of those ports, and what the costs incurred to imported goods will be. Already we have the greater part of our beef, lamb, seafood, grain, fruit and vegies heading overseas, whilst we are left, in general, with lesser quality goods or inferior imported goods, but that we are told is good for our trade balance. And both sides agree on that.

And then there is welfare. Scott Morrison, a man who has little or no knowledge of accounting, and even less of public sentiment, says we should learn not to rely on the old age pension. It seems he has, as well, little or no knowledge of Australia's Constitution. Because within the Constitution there are two clauses that pertain to welfare. Those clauses instruct the Government that the aged and the infirm are to be looked after. Already pensioners receive payments that are well below the poverty threshold. Old age pensioners work and pay taxes for some 40 years in order to receive that pension. When boomers started work, there was no superannuation to contribute to, so they are, in general, completely reliant on their pension. There may be some public sentiment towards Morrison's ideas of welfare if he and all the other politicians were to comply to the same rules and forgo their lurks, perks and pensions. We know that will never happen, and we all agree on that.

There is no doubt that there are politicians serving in Canberra in both the House of Representatives and the Senate who are good people. People who care about Australia and its citizens, know that they have social responsibilities, and want things to change for the better. Unfortunately those people are hidden behind party lines. They are denied conscience votes that would put forward the views of their constituents, and must follow party policies. Very rarely do we see members 'crossing the floor. Woe betide them if they do. And we can agree on that.

The very worst aspect of our present system, apart from non representation of constituents, as outlined above, is that major policies are determined by foreign interlopers including, but not exclusive to, the White House and Westminster. Recently, after the leasing of the port of Darwin to the Chinese, Obama told Turnbull in no uncertain terms, "Let us know next time". There is no doubt that the CIA were involved in the sacking of Whitlam, and Rudd announced his intention in 2012 to run against Gillard from Washington. There are a miriad of free trade agreements in concert, including the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which has been negotiated clandestinely without any consultation of the population. We cannot disagree on that.

So, whilst in all of the above, the major political parties are in agreement with each other on so many decisions that erode the rights, wellbeing and common law of the population. It is taking us on an unknown (to us) trajectory that we may or may not agree with. It seems that we have no alternative, because we become sick and tired of one party and vote for the other, and we are voting for the same things we abhore but at the helm of a different party. In its present form, party politics is not serving us well. We have two insipid party leaders who follow their own agenda, line their own pockets blatantly ( as Turnbull indicated by admitting he uses the Canary Islands as a tax haven), and abuse their perks and allowances, and forbid their parliamentary colleagues to do anything about it on party lines.

It really is time to do something about the situation. But wait there's more... Today the budget report will be released. That's gonna be fun.