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01 September 2014
by Mike.B

Adelaide Marches

Adelaide, considered by some to be the largest country town in the land. A veritable fortress of conservatism that is 'the land that time forgot'. The city of churches.

Those cliches changed on Sunday, when the people of Adelaide finally rose from their arses, took to the main street and protested Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey's brutally cold budget.

Of course, compared to the tens of thousands that protested in other parts, Adelaide's 1,000 or so people were dwarfed. That is not the point to be made. The point to be made is that not since the protests against the Vietnam war have the populace risen in numbers to vent their vehement anger at anything.

The usual suspects were in attendance, The Socialist Alliance, The Indigenous peoples, University students,etc; but more broadly, much more broadly than usual, there were tertiary educators, nurses, health workers, pensioners, people with a disability, the unemployed, ecologists, people for asylum seekers, a far broader demographic than one would normally associate with protests. And people on the pavement were applauding those marching.

The heartfelt disgust at the government was palpable, although peaceful. The police escorts were friendly but businesslike, and one could sense the agreement from them.
It seems 'the land that time forget' is waking up.