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11 September 2014
by Mike.B

Reconciliation of Australian Politics

As I follow the lead stories in regards to the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum, and the 'Yes' and 'No' brigades put forward their cases, it is quite incredible to see the similarities between the neo-cons of Westminster and the Australian LNP/Labor parties.
Our whole political future is planned ahead. Have a look at the list below. There are far too many similarities to be coincidence...

  • They all support austerity budgets
  • They all support benefit cuts
  • They all support tuition fees
  • They all support Trident missiles
  • They all support continued NHS privatisation
  • They all support bank bail-outs
  • They all support detention without trial for “terrorist suspects”
  • They all support more bombings in Iraq (and are planning to launch British raids there before 18 September to ramp up jingoism – you read it here first)
  • They all oppose rail nationalisation
  • They all oppose free prescriptions
  • They all oppose free personal care
  • They all oppose rent controls
  • They all oppose bankers bonus cuts
  • They all oppose legalisation of cannabis

We in Australia have always been trying to prove we are better than the 'Poms' on the Cricket and Rugby fields. Maybe we should really show them in our politics. We should change our political strategy and fuck them off completely...