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03 September 2014

Australia set to boost partnership with NATO

Australia will become enhanced partner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Julie Bishop.

Editor's Note

Australians should be outraged by the decision of the LNP to become part of NATO. Without any consultation with the Australian people, the government has secured a future of war for us. NATO is a war machine, it exists solely for oppression. The humanitarian deeds it may have achieved have always been clouded with a sense of colonialism. It was set up to combat any perceived threat from Russia, and yet, has created mayhem across the world. With the BRICS alliance formulated to rid the world of the petrodollar, the US, which gains most of its revenue from the petrodollar, will not stand by and allow that to happen easily. It is posturing for war, world war, and it is simply about money.
This decision dwarfes the LNP's idiotic budgetary, immigration, or welfare decisions. It immediately puts us at odds with our major trading partners, and the Oceanian Asia Pacific region in general. WE MUST PROTEST

The Story...

Australia is set to boost ties with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the world’s most powerful political and military grouping.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia will accept a formal invitation to become an enhanced partner when she and Defence Minister David Johnston attend the NATO leaders summit in Wales this week.
Ms Bishop says it is a rare honour for Australia and the Australian Defence Force.

Australia’s relationship with NATO strengthened substantially over the past decade due to participation in NATO’s longest mission, the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) mission in Afghanistan.
“Australia has proven itself time and again to be a reliable and capable partner,” she said.

NATO was founded in 1949 as a security grouping of the US, UK and European nations opposing the Soviet Union and its eastern bloc allies.
Although not a member, Australia’s engagement with NATO has grown steadily in recent years.
Ms Bishop says Australia will maintain autonomy in deciding the extent and character of involvement in future NATO-led operations.
The NATO summit will focus on Afghanistan and involvement there beyond the end of this year when the ISAF mission expires.
Also on the agenda will be Syria, Iraq and Russia’s behaviour in eastern Ukraine.

Ms Bishop said she discussed a range of security matters with US secretary of state John Kerry earlier on Tuesday.