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04 October 2014

Surely we're entitled to ‘our’ taxes

Most working Australians pay at least 30-35% of their wage or salary in income tax. And then they pay 10% GST on most purchases, tax on petrol (about 65% of the cost of petrol are taxes), stamp duty on house or car purchases, land rates, utility taxes, road tax, and a Medicare levy. On top of all those added taxes they still have to pay school fees, university fees, and in some cases, medical fees. The list goes on and on.

So what amount of your income are you really paying in taxes? I bet most people have never bothered to sit down and work it out and would be shocked if they knew the answer. At a conservative calculation around 65%-70% of your income is going to taxes in one form or another.

And yet many Australians are still happy to let the mining sector and other multinational “non-Australian” companies pay less than 2% taxes? Really?

Now what do you get in return for all those taxes you are paying?
A government who now tells you that you are not entitled to anything for those taxes you pay. You now have to pay for you own medical and health care, own retirement, own education, own disability costs (if you have one), and own unemployment support should you be one of the victims of poor government that does you out of a job. Oh, and don’t be fooled into thinking your taxes pay for things like utilities, roads and infrastructure, because you are already paying for all that directly or indirectly.

So then were are all your taxes getting spent? Subsidies for multinational foreign owner mining corporations who pay barely a fraction of their returns in taxes or any of their capital in Australia. Subsides on coal and oil industry rather than renewables. American made fighter jets to protect our shores from boat people. A nice fat tax refund of $880 million to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. A war on terror that is half way around the world trumped up by lies, fear mongering and distortion. Politicians who retire on a nice big lifetime retirement package, while you will be expected to work until you’re 70. Companies like Google or Apple who evade paying nearly a billion dollars in taxes while taking advantage of off-shore tax havens.

Then to add to the burden, the governments sell off the farm. Letting China and other foreign companies buy up Australian land and properties and our core industries. They sell off what your forefather’s taxes paid for like all the tax paid utilities and infrastructure. Yet our own children can no longer afford to buy their own houses.

So are people still feeling good about paying 65%-70% of their income in taxes and what you get back in return? Still happy to wipe out the mining tax and carbon tax and to let your own taxes subsidise all those foreign companies?