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21 October 2014
by John Passant

Proud to be an economic girlie man

The other day Australia’s Finance Minister, Mathias ‘the terminator’ Cormann, called Opposition leader Bill Shorten an economic girlie man.

Cormann of course is a tough economic he man. So tough in fact he is picking on the poor, pensioners, the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, students and low paid workers. He is not a he man; he is a bully, a bully for the rich and powerful, picking on the powerless.

Cormann is not just a bully for the 1%. He is also a sexist. He views the world through gender stereotype eyes and lives in a world where being a girl signifies weakness and softness.

I am all for weakness and softness when it comes to looking after the disadvantaged, the poor, the low paid. I am for being tough on the rich and powerful – the exact opposite of the Bible according to Matthias Cormann and the Liberals, and Bill Shorten and the Labor Party.

Unlike the book of Matthew (and the neoliberals) I don’t believe the poor will always be with us. They are a creation of capitalism. We have enough in Australia (and indeed globally) to feed, house and educate everyone. Only by overthrowing the system that produces want among plenty can we eradicate poverty. That doesn’t make me girlie, manly, boyish or feminine. It makes me a socialist.