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02 October 2014
by Peter Wicks

Welcome To The Terrordome – Tony Abbott fails on terror

We're putting on our serious faces

To their credit Australia Post is apparently standing their ground on the latest attempts to breach our privacy.
Despite requests from the Attorney Generals office and the threat of buying off Clive Palmer to pass legislation to enforce it, our personal mail will not be forwarded to be opened, read and cleared by George Brandis before being sent to us.

Well, that may not be true and could be portrayed as a bit of a stretch, but how much of a stretch is it really?
Today we read how everything done on the internet is now open to scrutiny. Your online activity, your purchases, your social media, the porn downloads someone else must do on your PC, and of course your email.
All of it.

Big Brother was a softy, now we have Big Brandis watching us. This isn’t 1984, it’s 2084.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there is not a threat at all, there clearly are some that wish to do us harm within the pretend Islamic community. I say pretend Islamic community because the real Muslims amongst us believe in peace.

However watching the news it is clear to see that there is an imminent threat. We hear of a drive-by here, and a body found in a flat there, just the other day there was a body in the boot of a car next to a cemetery. There are people being murdered left, right and centre all over the country.

Violent crime appears to be on the rise, although the murder rate has been falling over recent years and let’s hope that trend will continue.
In 2012 there were 244 homicides in Australia. If we assume the murder rate has remained similar which is a safe assumption, that would mean that since 2012 there would have been around 670 murders in Australia.
How many of these murders do you think were carried out by Islamic terrorists?
None, not a single one.

Of all of the murders I have seen reported since the terrorist level was raised, and there have been several, not one has been linked to terrorism and anybody with links to Islam or found to have come from an Islamic background.
Maybe our heightened terror alert is highlighting the wrong people.

Maybe we should have a terror alert that makes people keep a watchful eye on those who don’t look like Muslims of a Middle Eastern background, because they appear to be one of the only demographics not killing people in Australia. How ironic that is who we are now being told to fear because of something that is happening thousands and thousands of miles away.

Imagine if every news article was reported equally.
By that I mean how often do you read about a robbery or assault that was alleged to have been committed by a man “of Middle Eastern appearance with an Islamic background”?
If all crimes were reported that way imagine how many murders, assaults and robberies etc would be reported as having been committed by “white Anglo-Saxon men with a Christian background”. The mind boggles.

After a few years of that kind of reporting people would be crossing the road to avoid churches. There would be residents complaining and up in arms when a new church was being proposed in their community, all scared of the criminal element that is bound to follow it. There would be campaigns for Nuns to remove their head wear.
Let’s not even start with the child sexual abuse numbers… The organised religion of Christian faith is to child abuse what McDonald’s is to hamburgers. The scale is beyond industrial.

Nevertheless the campaign of fear of Islamic terrorists is one that we must talk about relentlessly for as long as it takes for people to forget that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey ever had a budget. Remember that budget?
The budget is the thing that actually will have a big impact on your life, the thing that will hurt you and your family. Not some guy with a cell-phone in Syria.
The only thing that has saved Abbott from his continued trip south in the polls is that people think he is doing a good job on terrorism.

Since the Twin Towers, the Bali bombing, and the London bombings as well as other terror attacks the world has been on terror alert. This is not a new phenomenon that Abbott now faces on the countries behalf for the first time.
Since the age of terrorism commenced we have had three Prime Ministers, John Howard, who many claim got is in this mess by backing George W Bush, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.
Each of these Prime Ministers were able to protect our nation from a terror attack despite there being the same worldwide threat. During their time in government there was not one single homicide in the country that was committed by an Islamic extremist, and during their time arrests of suspected terrorists were also made.

The difference is, all of these Prime Ministers managed to protect us without raising the threat level so high and without us all having our civil liberties signed away.
Tony Abbott by raising the terror alert level and taking away our civil liberties such as privacy is admitting that he is failing.
Those in the Coalition will point to the fact that the threat level was raised on the advice of ASIO’s Director General David Irvine.

Is it just coincidence that this recommendation came on David Irvine’s last day in office?
I wonder if he will end up in a cushy advisory role or end up as a highly paid consultant after a bit of a break. We will wait and see.

Tony Abbott has proven to be more popular in Australia when he is somewhere else, preferably the other side of the world. When he is here, to try to keep his polling from plummeting he is forced to scare the crap out of people and discard their civil liberties.

We should be afraid.
Afraid of where our country is being driven to. We seem to have a driver behind the countries wheel that is drunk on his own ego and is swerving wildly as he drives us to a city called Despair, or perhaps we’ve already arrived.

Hopefully the country will wake up to itself soon, but it would seem the media will need to wake up first. Aside from the shock and awe tactics of the usual News Ltd brigade there are some signs that this may be happening though, such as the below video.

In the meantime dear readers, please keep yourself safe and remain on high alert.
There are white Anglo-Saxon men of Christian background out there killing people in their hundreds.

You have been warned.