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May 2014

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05 May 2014

Bluff, Bluster and Bulldust

What a load of codswallop. How stupid do they take us for? Many would not have noticed but this government has begun its term of office reading directly from the Book of Howard. So deprived of ideas, of savvy, of intellectual nous, of vision and pretty much everything else that constitutes leadership, they (mostly Abbott and Hockey) simply copy from the tactics of bluff, bluster and bull-dust employed by the Howard government in 1996. Read More...


03 May 2014

Site Suspended - Abducted by Aliens

This site has been suspended by the editor. It may be back, or mabe not!
The archives will remain for a time.

02 May 2014

The Best Off Road Trailer You've Ever Seen!

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01 May 2014

I Don't Want To Pay For This...

So let me get this straight,

If I earn over $80,000 I am going to be asked to pay for the $68 billion that Joe Hockey has added to the deficit by his party's policies.
I have to pay for Hockey's $9 billion gamble on the Aussie dollar going down.
I am going to have to cough up money to give billions to the worst polluters so they can upgrade their factories, and many more billions in fossil fuel subsides to wealthy mining companies. Read More...


01 May 2014

Newman and Bleijie's corruption of Queensland's CMC

Changes to Queensland's Corruption Commisson appear designed to protect the Government from scrutiny while pursuing its foes. Read More...


01 May 2014

by Bob Ellis

Abbott and Hockey's twilight war

Signs of a twilight war between Hockey/Cormann and Abbott/Credlin grow by the hour, as Liberal MPs ready for revolt over the unaffordable PPL and the new deceit tax. Read More...