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07 March 2014

Is March In March An ALP Front?

It proclaims itself to be an independent group of concerned citizens campaigning against the Conservative Abbott government. Just a group of concerned folk, going about their business, who just so happen to be so concerned they decided to have a little get together in every capital city on the same day to protest against Tony Abbott. They call themselves 'March In March', and use the tidy little bromide 'Not In My Name, Mr Abbott.'

They proclaim that they are 'not aligned in any way to any political organisation.'

Funnily enough, that was the same quip cardboard cut-out Mark Dreyfus used on the Monday 10 February 2014 episode of the loathsome ABC QandA program. 'Not in my name, Mr Abbott,' cheesed Dreyfus.

Hmm, I might not be a Prince and this is certainly not Denmark, but I smell something rotten.

So what did we find?

Well, the site MarchInMarch.com.au was registered by one Gary Aartsen. Mr Aartsen, it seems, has a long history of IT support for the ALP.

Like the ALP for Wright web-site, where the ALP called him their 'IT genius'.

Interestingly, Mr Aartsen has papered his Facebook page with the March In March poster. Curious.

Yet, when we put this to one Leesa Little, the 'front' for March In March, she denied anything to do with Mr Aartsen. Or the ALP. Although keen to stress her independence, when asked 'do you receive any funding from any individual or organisation' to support March In March, Ms Little became decidedly quiet.

I have no problem with anyone being socially or politically active. Free speech is exactly that, free speech. And if you wish to be anonymous, or use a pseudonym, I don't care about that either. Knock yourself out.

But where you state you are independent, yet we have evidence you may not be so, well, that's not free speech. That's propaganda.

And yes, I will call you out on it.

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