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15 July 2014
by Bob Ellis

Guillotining Christopher

Unsurprisingly, Pyne would lose his seat, Sturt, in a twenty percent swing against him reported by an automated poll on the weekend, and published this morning by Fairfax.

This may be in part motivated by the fact that his university education was free, and he likes very much the contrasting, mischievous plan that everyone born after 1997 will pay, with interest, a quarter of a million dollars for it.

In twenty-three other seats the swing against the Government was, on average, only 10 percent. This would lose them around sixty seats and leave them with only thirty, half of them Nationals; which would, in turn, make the Liberals junior partners in a Truss-led Coalition, Barnaby too having lost his seat in the general swing, with Abbott or Turnbull or Ruddock or Bronwyn Bishop as his Deputy.