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30 July 2014

by Bob Ellis

Joe Hockey Is A Fucking 'Nong'

Joe Hockey just said on PM that requiring young people to make forty applications per month would get the ‘most hungry’ into jobs, and Big Business’s view that the plan was ‘nuts’ was wrong.

Joe seems not to know what young people are like. They are in the throes of self-definition, like Hamlet, and would like to be rock stars or computer design billionaires or top models and to say that, FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, they must clean toilets, wipe the bottoms of old men, or manage drooling lunatics through their shriekings after midnight, is to insult them at their heart, at the heart of their self-definition, their self-esteem. Hearing this, they are more likely to snort coke or sell it, beat their girlfriends, whore them, or end as drug mules hanged in Malaysia.

You do not do this to young people. To be on the dole is shame enough. To say they must now, if paid well, become whores and risk AIDS or suck off truck drvers parked at petrol stations — which is what Joe is saying — is to lose their vote, and their parents’ vote, forever.

Joe, a Palestinian, is acting more and more like a suicide bomber. He can’t get ANY of his Budget through, and, like Hitler blaming the Jews and seizing their property and locking them up, he is kicking in the crutch an entire generation who have some self-esteem, and like the Jews will not surrender their culture.

And he cannot survive many weeks in his job. He is dead as hal-al mutton and he knows it. And he is planning his revenge.

He is even saying Standard&Poors don’t know what they’re talking about when they say our economy is in good shape. It’s in bad shape, he whines, I said so.

What a fucking nong.

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