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28 January 2014

African Refugees Riot In Melbourne: Who Does Not Want You To Know?

Don't be surprised, but the main stream media has covered up an African refugee race riot in Melbourne. I can say that because the event occurred on New Year's Eve, 2014, and you've probably never even heard about it.

But happen it did.

Jill Stark from The Age newspaper has bucked the typical party line of that paper to only portray illegal immigrants and refugees in a totally positive light, exposing the riot. Twenty-five days after the event: Salvation Army staff say Swanston Street was like a 'war zone', with one man carrying a machete and another a knife, as bottles were thrown at police trying to break up rolling fights between two large groups early on New Year's Day.

It took twenty-five days to expose that African refugees rioted in Australia's second largest city.

It took a Salvation Army community advocate to reach out to a journalist for the truth to be revealed.

Maybe the big story is not the riot itself, or how 200 African youths can congregate in one of Australia's largest cities intent on doing harm. Maybe the real story here is how come we are only hearing about this now?

Is this a failure of the police? The government? Or is it the media, willing only to report along politically comfortable lines that align with their own myopic view of the world?

According to Police Association (read Union) secretary Greg Davies, he was not aware of the New Year's incident in the CBD, but police officers were wary of identifying the ethnic background of people involved in incidents they dealt with.

This is a ridiculous situation where political correctness overrules the most basic tenet of law and order: identifying culprits and bringing them to justice.

This madness must end. Political correctness has censored all forms of violence and malfeasance perpetrated by so-called 'minorities', not because it protects the minority, or their victims, but because it exposes an inconvenient truth for those pundits pretending there is no problem.

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