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30 January 2014

Return of the Independent!

Kris Hanna

Are you fed up with party politics? Fed up with the dishonesty and lack of respect?

I know I am!

That's why I've listened to massive encouragement from locals and decided to have another go at Parliament in the upcoming State election (15th March 2014). After one of the ugliest election campaigns on record, I reckon it's time to put some common sense, integrity and decency back into politics.

When previously an MP in your area (the State seat of Mitchell), I helped literally thousands of people with their problems, big and small. In Parliament I pushed for law reform in many areas. For example, my efforts to make it more difficult for sex offenders to escape rape convictions, and an early initiative to bring in an Independent Commission Against Corruption, were ultimately successful.

Throughout my years of community service, my values have been constant, standing up for the individual against government and big business, exposing rorts and making sure people get a say in decisions which affect their lives.

If you are sick of Liberal and Labor, then I am a real alternative when you come to choose your local MP. I can and will do the right thing by you in Parliament as well.

There is no party machine behind me. All I have is you, the community, and I ask for your support.

Kris Hanna

Reform Proposals

Many of my past parliamentary proposals have been taken up in one form or another (e.g. rape law reform and fixed four year terms for Parliament). Some key issues I want to pursue are:

  • fairer regulation of electricity pricing;

  • gambling machine reforms aimed at reducing addiction and excessive losses;

  • revision of planning laws to provide a better balance between economic growth and residents' rights

  • restoring the compensation rights for innocent injured road accident victims

  • truth in food labelling;

But let's start with the basics of democracy, make elections fairer and stop politician's rorts!

10 Point Plan to Reform Parliament and the Election Process

Parliamentary reforms:

1. Tie MP pay rises to increases in average weekly earnings in SA

If people generally aren't getting pay rises, why should MPs?

2. All MP travel expenses to be promptly posted on the Internet with details of the destination, the reason for travel, and the expenditure incurred.

Shining a spotlight on details of MP travel should soon eliminate rorting.

3. Cut down the number of chauffeur driven vehicles

Unless extra productivity can be demonstrated, they cannot be justified.

4. Cut back on extra MP pay for parliamentary committee work

At present, most MPs get massive salary boosts for sitting on parliamentary committees!

5. Abolish the rort which allows every MP to have a fully maintained government-provided car for just $7,000 per year

Unjustifiable, an option which I never took up when I was an MP.

Election reforms:

6. Scrap the 'Special Assistance Funding for Political Parties' in Labor's laws recently rushed through Parliament recently with agreement from the Liberals

Liberal and Labor have helped themselves to fund their party offices from the public purse.

7. Strong penalties for misleading election material

If a candidate who benefited from misleading advertising won by less than 5%, there should automatically be a fresh election. Otherwise, there should be a fine of up to $100,000.

8. Optional preferential voting for the Upper House (Legislative Council)

Make it so we can allocate our own preferences without party back-room deals and without having to vote for 101 candidates.

9. Ban parties from putting out 'fake' postal vote applications

Many people do not realise that political parties regularly send out postal vote applications, making them look official so they can collect your data before sending them onto the Electoral Commission.

10. All election material to have the name of the political party or candidate in writing at least as large as any other writing on the publication

If they are willing to publish political material (especially hate material) they should have the courage to put their name prominently on the document.

About Kris

Kris Hanna is highly active in his community, having been the longest-serving member of the Seaview High School Council and a former President of the Reynella Business and Tourism Association. He's currently on the Board of the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre and President of The Friends of Glenthorne. Apart from such official positions he's been a regular visitor to many school councils, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups. A keen supporter of local sport as well, he has also been Patron of the Marion Cricket Club and the South Adelaide Basketball Club.

From 2010 to 2012 Kris was President of the Multifaith Association which brings people of different faiths together, promoting peace and understanding. In November 2013 Kris retired from the Board of the Welfare Rights Centre, which works to ensure university students and people with disabilities get a fair go from Centrelink. Kris continues on the Board of the Victim Support Service, which advocates for victims of crime at a Statewide level.

Kris grew up in Adelaide. He has lived locally and attended church in the Marion-Warradale area for nearly 20 years. He is married and has two daughters.

From Adelaide University Kris took a law degree with Honours. After practising law he was elected to the Marion Council in 1995.

In 1997 Kris ran for State Parliament, in the seat of Mitchell. With a good local campaign and plenty of footwork, Kris won with a massive swing of 10.3%. Kris won the seat again in 2002 and 2006.

After a dirty campaign by Labor in 2010, they narrowly won the seat and Kris returned to practice law. Since 2010 many locals encouraged Kris to run again as an Independent MP at the election in March 2014.

During his busy 12 years in Parliament, Kris helped literally thousands of constituents and succeeded in local campaigns to retain open space for residents to enjoy. He has always spoken up for those without a voice.

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