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14 January 2014

by Mike.B

This may be one of the most important inventions of our time

Free Energy For Your Home

I have subscribed to, and watched various 'free energy' websites over the last couple of years.

Ever since I heard of a bloke by the name of Nikola Tesla from a good friend in Coober Pedy called John Danda back in the 70's, my interest in LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) or cold fusion, has been unwaning.

There have been many inventions purporting to reach over unity, that is, to generate more power than it takes to produce it. Most if not all so far have been proven to be either scams that did not work at all, or devices that unless built on a massive scale could not produce enough energy to run an LED.

I am speaking generally, because there are several promising units undergoing testing at the moment, and I don't want to knock people for trying.

Now, if you take a gander at your electricity bill, it will tell you exactly how much you have used, normally in kilowatts (kw), and how much a kw costs you. We all differ in our usage of course, but an average household will use 3-10 kw per day.

Because of the prices energy companies charge per kw, we are always trying to rationalise our usage, in order to keep our bills to a minimum.

What would you say to a machine that could generate 20kw at a constant rate, that costs nothing to run after the purchase price, and would allow you to keep ALL your electrical components running 24/7?

The video below is only 4 minutes long, and uses only 10Mb of bandwidth. I suggest you have a look at it, because it shows just a machine.

Platinum Invests' Free Energy shop video, December 31, 2013

Loading the player...

The machine is produced by a company called Platinum Invests and is called 'Palladium'.

It works on a system whereby a generator is run by a smaller motor, which in turn us powered by 'excess' energy from the generator.

In theory it is a simple system, but in practice it has not been achieved previously.

To see the full story, and keep abreast of it, follow THIS LINK and bookmark it for future reference. I am sure we will hear more about it.

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