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02 December 2014

An Opinion from Our Reader Salstarat

Tony chatting with another Liberal

Tony Abbott is the classic ROAD SCHOLAR senselessly backing more and more roads at the cost of improving public transport. Abbott just doesn’t get it! If brains were petrol, Abbott wouldn’t have enough to ride a moped around a fruit loop! His head-in-the-sand attitude to climate change and global warming reveals a DUMBED DOWN idiot beyond redemption. Listen up, Phony Tony:

More roads = more cars = even MORE roads = even MORE cars = more and more pollution

Hang on, I’ll repeat it ONE MORE TIME FOR THE DUMMIES because I know it takes common sense and logic a veritable EON to penetrate whatever it is that is between your ears, Abbott!

More roads = more cars = even MORE roads = even MORE cars = more and more pollution until the cities are literally choking with traffic and pollution resembling the chaos and suffocating atmosphere of cities like Los Angeles and Beijing.

The fact is this:
There are two types of toxic pollution discharged by petrol vehicles.

  1. Exhaust emissions: including dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulates.
  2. Evaporative emissions: vapours of fuel which are released into the atmosphere, without being burnt.

Melbourne is a city that is particularly susceptible to the pollution of cars because it is like San Francisco and LA, in a geographical basin. Building more and more massive freeways is NOT going to help the quick and environmentally clean movement of people in and out of the city. AN EFFICIENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM WILL, GET IT?

Abbott is so regressive, he defies logic. He has absolutely ZERO FORESIGHT and totally lacks any vision to set Australia on an environmentally clean and green future for our children and grandchildren. His obsession with a DYING, filthy COAL industry truly reveals his totally GORMLESS idiocy. He and the myopic idiot, Stephen Harper (Canada) are the only two morons in the WORLD who are totally out of step with every other country in the world in relation to making positive steps to address the now serious issues of global warming. Quite frankly, Abbott and Harper are the ONLY two screaming, hysterical DENIERS inhabiting a sad little world of delusion, turning Australia and Canada into scorned and condemned backwaters. The tragic, pathetic fact that Abbott is actually PROUD that he did away with a constructive MINING TAX and CARBON PRICING SCHEME shows the level of his knuckle dragging stupidity! Other than these two tragic non-events, Abbott hasn’t achieved a THING in 14 months except the destruction and vandalism of our environment!