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21 December 2014
by Mike.B

Left; Right; Left; Right....

Left; Right; Left; Right....
Left; Right; Left: Squad! Halt!

Well that's how I remember my cadet days. And, it got me thinking.
In our global region, to the West we have the Imperialist forces of the United States and its cronies, and to the East, we have the blacklisted coalition of the unwilling with China, Russia, Korea, and 'their' cronies.

Shouldn't we stop for a moment and reflect how the above affects us as a Nation of People? Consider this. On the one hand, we have the Imperialist's as our major ally. And on the other we have the BlackListed Coalition as our greatest economic trading partners. Hmmmm!

One of them is building bases on our land in addition to already existing facilities in places like Pine Gap. And the other of them is actively buying up every bit of spare land that becomes available in urban, suburban, rural, regional, and outback areas. Hmmmm!

As we have seen over the past few weeks, the price of oil has dropped markedly, and Saudi Arabia surprised the World by not dropping production, as an influx of coal seam gas/oil came from the United States. A rebuke for Washington. And all this is to make us think that the oil price war, along with other distractions such as ISIS and Ebola are to blame for this build up of military and economic machoism. But it's not, its about currency. Oil is the senior factor, sure, but it's the currency that pays for it that dictates.

For so long, the U.S has had monopolistic control of the petrodollar, and many countries are becoming disenchanted, particularly those of the BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa) consortium, but a growing number, mainly in South America and Africa are voicing dissent.
I think both sides would, if not have, considered war over this to be justified. It may not be for a few years, and I'm certainly not predicting it, but it's a distinct possibility. And that's what got me pondering.

Why do we have to be part of it? Why do we have to subscribe to madness? Why do we have to be led like rats over the edge of a cliff to the Pied Piper's tune of doom. Why can't we say that no foreign national or corporation can own land. Buildings yes, land no? Why can't we say you cannot use your bases as staging posts. You can use them as supply, logistical and medical bases, but not for combat troops? Why can't we be neutral like Switzerland (Once again the money)?

The answer is quite simple really. Collectively our politicians are linked to the world chess game by treaties, trade agreements, and political ideology that stifles our creative political thinking. Our esteemed leaders are led by a political ring through their noses in whichever direction the larger powers in Washington, London and Beijing dictate to us.

Increasingly, it seems to us, that our major political parties, apart from minor differences, share the same ideology, and no matter who we vote for at a general election, the resulting policies affect us in a similar manner. And we're becoming tired of it. Popular opinion shows dissatisfaction with both Labor and Liberal. To make matters worse, the minor parties, although their hearts are in the right place, do not have a diverse enough set of policies that give us confidence to vote for them to govern in their own right.

It's a dilemma that needs to be fixed. But how? There are so many areas within our own governmental spectrum that need attention and fixing before attempting to start work on an international level. And yet, if the international problems are not fixed, we most likely will not have to bother about the national problems, because the government of the day will receive directorates from elsewhere.

Make no mistake, both the Imperialist Forces and the Blacklisted Coalition, have eyes on Australia. Its riches, its minimalist population and its resources, make it an irresistable target. Unless we change our way of thinking, get smart and do something, the winner of a global economic or military showdown, will control Austrralia.

We need a political superhero. Are there any out there?