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24 December 2014
by Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro


Homecoming; Chalie Phillott - new hat, new man - photographed home at last in a very old land.

Yes, believe it or not – it’s absolutely true!

Charlie Phillott gets his beloved home Carisbrooke Station back not just for Christmas – but forever. The ANZ Bank has now given Charlie full control of Carisbrooke Station once again and agreed to his conditions and demands to repair all the damage to the homestead and outbuildings, gardens, dams and pumps during the period of his forced removal when the station was left in the hands of the banks. Charlie called me this afternoon to tell me that he is once again back in control of his beloved station. He said that the ANZ had appointed “a lovely gentleman” to work with him who was ‘deeply caring and understood the situation’ that he” had been forced through.”

He was very happy and positive, and I knew that Charlie - the 2014 Grandfather of our Nation - is standing tall and proud once again.

Australia has been through some extremely tough times this year, and yet somehow, like Charlie, we’ve all managed to make it through.

We’ve also seen what kind of miracles can happen when we decide to step up and stand as one. It’s only been three weeks and three days since Alan Jones and my wife Heather and I went to Winton. Since then, a few completely amazing things have happened: thanks to Alan Jones and his listeners, we have raised over $100,000 for the farmers Christmas Cheer Appeal, which was handled with brilliance and aplomb by Erica Bates and the good people of the Queensland Thoroughbred Breeders.

Steve Jones, the Mayor of the Lockyer Shire drove nearly 4,000 kms to take the hampers out last weekend as far as Winton and Cloncurry for distribution to needy drought affected families.

Charlie told me today that he truly wishes that every farming family could have their beloved farms back for Christmas – and so do we.

We can’t promise miracles but we CAN promise that we will never give up. And in January, we will begin all over again.

The Banks need to know that the fight is a long way from over. We will continue to seek justice and a fair deal for our people.

Our goal in 2015 is a Rural Reconstruction Board, and we will do our very best to make sure it will happen. Our politicians are now on notice. We will not tolerate any more lies, party spin and pathetic inaction. We intend to return agriculture to its rightful place in this nation’s economy.

To the Mining Companies, the ‘mongrels in suits’ and the Corporate Terrorists: you need to understand that your disgraceful and relentless tyranny against our own people is now coming to an end.

The Australian people now know the game and they are beginning to understand EXACTLY how it is being played – and who is set to benefit.

You need to be aware that the Australian people will no longer tolerate your disgraceful and brutal behaviour, because it is not the Australian way.

In the meantime, we hope you all enjoy your Christmas and New Year. Rest up and be ready for the campaign of your life in 2015.
It is time to take our nation back to the people - and for the people
Bless you, and thank you.
In gratitude,