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01 August 2014

by Bob Ellis

The Worst Three Hundred Deeds Of The Loathesome Criminal Scott Morrison

He sent children to their deaths in Sri Lanka. He drove two young men to burn themselves to death, and another to attempt to. He caused a riot on Manus in which sixty young men were brutally injured, one with a cut throat, one with a bashed head who died of it. He covered up this murder, and let one of the four murderers escape. He continued to employ the other three, and did not ask any questions of any witnesses. He continued to employ, or to allow his agents to employ, the other twenty or twenty-five head-bashing thugs.

He kidnapped on the high seas one family in their own boat, burnt the boat, locked up the one hundred and fifty-seven people on it and scared the fifty children by taking their fathers away from them. He took away the medication of a three-year-old girl who then had fits. He sent back to their torturers a family fleeing Sri Lanka.

He said, wrongly, that he had ‘stopped the boats’, concealing those that still kept coming, which he boarded, burnt and sank, and those that came via East Niugini and Thursday Island, Green Island, Rottnest, on pearling luggers to Broome, successfully to Australia, disgorging their customers in secret. He tried to send back to execution a fifteen-year-old stowaway.

He called ‘wimps’ those who wanted to treat children better. He called Gillian Triggs an incompetent judge of what drives children to try suicide. He denied he had caused some children to poison themselves, cut themselves, bang their heads against the furniture. He said he ‘prayed’ for refugees ‘every night’. He believed, though, murdered Muslim children burned in Hell immediately. He believed Tony Abbott, and most of the Cabinet, would burn also, and thirty million Australians, already dead, were currently burning too.

He made no offer to Gazans, dying every day, to come here with their children, three who died while you were reading this. They may be refugees, but they were not welcome here. A hundred years on Nauru for them if he caught them heading here, with no time off for good behaviour. This was in Australia’s national interest. They must pay, for the rest of their lives, for daring even to think of coming here. They are not our kind.

His hydrophobic loathing of ‘heathens’, or what the poet called ‘the lesser breeds without the Law’, was reflected in those missionary Christians and aggressive settlers who in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in North and South America killed, with extreme prejudice, one hundred and sixty million ‘Red Indians’, Incas, Cubans, Eskimos, and captured black African slaves. He is a bad, bad man, but he is not unprecedented.

He has been at it thus far only ten months, but he is keen to do as much damage to heathen humanity as his office, illegally and secretly empowered, lets him do.

He should be removed, arrested, arraigned, imprisoned and punished, very soon.

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