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30 August 2014

CCC throws out Palmer claims

Clive Palmer.

Watchdog won’t investigate claims he tried to corruptly influence the Qld Govt.

Queensland’s corruption watchdog will not investigate claims made by the Deputy Premier against Federal MP Clive Palmer.

Jeff Seeney alleged Mr Palmer had tried to corruptly influence him while seeking approval for a developmental proposal in the Galilee Basin, including a rail corridor and port facilities at Abbot Point.

In June, Mr Seeney told the 7.30 Queensland program that just after the LNP won office in 2012, Mr Palmer approached him wanting special treatment to advance his mining interests.

Mr Palmer denied the claims.

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) said it had assessed information provided by Mr Seeney, and would not investigate any further.

“The CCC determined the prospects of proving any allegations of corrupt conduct to the requisite criminal standard were limited due to conflicting versions of events, the lack of corroborating evidence and the time that has passed,” a statement said.

“The CCC concluded that any investigation was unlikely to be conclusive or to produce any evidence to the criminal standard.

“The CCC therefore determined not to investigate this matter.”

The CCC has also determined Mr Seeney did not breach the Crime and Misconduct Act by not referring his allegations to the CMC in 2012.

A spokesman representing Mr Palmer said: “Mr Seeney should resign for wasting time and tax payers’ money.”

Mr Seeney has declined to comment on the matter.