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04 August 2014

Royal Commission makes final call for evidence regarding HSU

Anyone who has ever spent any time in prison will tell you that it isn’t a pleasant place to spend your time.

Ask anyone who has ever fought the great legal fight to stay out of prison or save themselves from civil claims and they will tell you there are two things long legal battles ain’t. They ain’t fun, and they certainly ain’t cheap.

Our jails and bankruptcy courts are full of people with the same old sad story that starts with “well in hindsight…”

There are always going to be those who discover the hard way that they really aren’t smarter than the police or the courts despite what they think is being clever.

There are others who align themselves with people in powerful positions for protection and discover the hard way that these people like their position of power and reach a point where they will not only cease protecting, but they will run a mile in the opposite direction.

Last week the Trade Union Royal Commission announced that any evidence involving the Health Services Union must be submitted by the 13th August,

This leaves people with seven working days to provide documentation or statements.

There will be some who may be reading this who may be in a position where they have evidence that may incriminate themselves in a minor way but would have far graver implications for those higher up the union food chain.

This may involve sitting on financial documents, emails, the minutes of BCOM meetings, or it could be just knowledge that could be put into statement.

For those who may be sitting on evidence relating to Kathy Jackson and her faction the time has come to fess up and share your knowledge with the Commission.
There is no doubt that there are members of Jackson’s BCOM that are exposed.

Some examples would be;

  • Kate Wilkinson who has already been shown to give false testimony to the Commission relating to payment of entitlements to Peter Mac workers.
  • Jane Holt who may be exposed to investigation for fraud, or at least the tax department over payments to the JR Discretionary fund. There is also the question of all of the blank scheques left behind with Holts signature on them.
  • Kathryn Whitfield whose signature appears on Neranto #10 cheque requisitions and remittances and who allegedly co-owned a sports car with Jeff Jackson, a direct beneficiary of those Neranto payments. She now works as a manager in the cancer services department of Vic Health, I wonder if there is a Peter Mac connection.

In fact all of the BCOM are exposed as they were the ones who signed off on Jackson’s spending which has been conservatively estimated at over $1.7 Million. This figure does not even include the Rob Elliot contract which would increase this total to well over $2 Million.

There are others whom I won’t name who may rely on Jeff Jackson for child support, and there are others out there who may be able to supply information regarding allegations of destroying documents or the storage of documents.
I know who these people are so it’s a fair bet the Police are aware also.

Jane Holt happy to sign blank cheques?

It was reported on Sky News last week that the NSW Fraud Squad are investigating allegations into Jackson and that would indicate that the investigations are once again underway in Victoria. I’m confident that Sky were reporting correctly as I saw a member of the fraud squad myself entering the Royal Commissions offices and even spoke with him as he left the offices before the proceedings started.

Kathy Jackson has already shown how she is only too willing to throw others under the bus by repeatedly shifting blame onto her BCOM regarding authorisation and also by dumping ex hubby Jeff in it by laying Neranto #10 payments completely at his feet.

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind regarding this they only need to read this linked post from Jackson’s seemingly only public supporter with even her fiancée Michael Lawler not showing up to support her at Commission. This post clearly shows that one of those giving her advice seems to be starting to point the finger of blame at the BCOM.

If I was sitting on any information I would be contacting the Royal Commission ASAP via the contact details linked here.

Under the Bus

Speaking of Michael Smith there has seemingly been a few backwards steps from him in the face of mounting criticism and mockery of his position on the matter.

Smith who has preached Jackson’s innocence, integrity, bravery and honesty for years at every available opportunity now says he suddenly has several doubts, but is standing by her because she is a friend.

To me this is an admission that he is willing to deceive his readership if it helps out a friend and if I was a reader of his I would not appreciate being treated for a fool, and would take everything that he says and writes with several gigantic grains of salt now.

Smith has currently resorted the desperate attempts to distract attention away from Jackson by making the story revolve around him in the right-wing media, and even foolishly having a shot at Craig Thomson.

I say foolishly because the joke involved an ATM with a thing called UnionPay which is a type of card. The joke was obvious but foolish because Thomson is fighting charges against him for less than $28K of credit card expenditure, Jackson has over $1 Million dollars of credit card expenditure to explain, more than 35 times the amount of Thomson, and that’s just the credit cards. There is a saying about stones and glass houses…
I couldn’t resist commenting

“Desperate attempts at distraction are always funny…

However the fact remains there isn’t an ATM in the world that has a high enough daily withdrawal limit for Kathy Jackson”

Needless to say the comment didn’t pass muster and was not allowed on Smith’s site which tells us another thing or two about the integrity of Smith’s site seeing that it does not allow opinion conflicting with his own to be published as I or many others do.

Remember this is a guy that wants greater freedom of speech???

Whatever your thoughts on Smith and what is left of his credibility, it is painfully clear that Kathy Jackson is in a world of trouble already, and she hasn’t even faced cross-examination yet.

For anyone thinking of saving themselves the rather than going down with her I can only suggest doing something now.

After all, time is running out.