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03 August 2014

by Mike.B

Suppression Orders on Suppression Orders

Silencing the Press and Bloggers

In recent days WikiLeaks published details of a suppression order issued in regards to a case which the court thought involved the 'National Security of Australia'. Undoubtedly the actions of Wikileaks will be dealt with. In what manner nobody knows at this stage. The unusual action of the court in this matter is the fact that it put a suppression order on the suppression order. That is, it is illegal to report on either of the suppression orders. So, in effect it is illegal for me to be writing this. The whole thing is sinister in essence, to a point that almost all media outlets cannot see the point of it, and have reported the second suppression order, but not the first.

Because of suppression orders on suppression orders cannot be reported, it is impossible to understand how widespread it is. However there is one case that does NOT involve 'National Security' that has been the subject of a suppression order on a suppression order. So much so, that the defendant in the case was unaware of the second suppression order. The case is Stokes v Dowling. That is, Kerry Stokes, owner and CEO of the channel 7 TV network and Shane Dowling, operator and chief journalist of the Website/Blog Kangaroo Court of Australia.
KCoA deals with corruption in the judiciary, and it seems there has been plenty of evidence for Mr. Dowling to report on, particularly in his own case with Stokes.
I am not going to report in full on Stokes v Dowling, instead I will link to his website HERE with a strong suggestion that you take a look as to what is happening in Australia.
To reiterate, it is impossible to tell how widespread these actions are, because nobody is allowed to report on them.

On a broader note, it seems that secrecy is the order of the day for this LNP government. Attorney General George Brandis is obsessed with it. From non reporting of asylum seekers arriving by boat, operational matters of any description, and now the courts. In addition, he, Brandis, wishes to be singularly omnipotent in regards to who is prosecuted for breaches of these orders. Megalomania.

In another example of political appointments to the judiciary, the Newman government's appointment in Queensland of a new Chief Justice was so controvertial that not a single one of his peers turned up for his investment to the post.

Australia is in a very precarious position with regards to its judiciary...