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05 August 2014

by Mike.B

Will This Happen In Aus?

On numerous occasions I have written about the severity of the LNP's proposed amendments to welfare in Australia, and the way in which Tony Abbott follows the extreme right wing ideology of Cameron's UK tories.

It has now come to light in the UK's 'The Guardian' newspaper of the death of a 59 year old man there, after being sanctioned (cut off) from his welfare payments. If you read the article below, you will see the similarities of that system to those which are proposed here.

Abbott, Hockey, and the secretive Kevin Andrews (The Minister for Social Services) have denied that their budget will hit the poorest people the hardest, despite the Australian Treasury releasing a report that says exactly the opposite.

The greatest irony is that the Palmer United Party (PUP), which at the time of the election was branded as a bunch of hoons and nutcases, now holds the balance of power in the Senate, and, these same people are the only ones who can save us from the excesses of this right wing bunch of heartless ideologues governing us.