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14 August 2014

Why Are The Clowns So Provocative?

Moscow considers Australia’s placing the blame for the events in Ukraine on Russia is unacceptable, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

Australia Gets A Clip Behing The Ears

“Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems unacceptable the recent allegations made by Australia that place the blame in the tragic events in Ukraine, including the crash of the Malaysian airliner on Russia,” the statement reads.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has recently accused Russia of using humanitarian aid as a pretext to occupy Ukraine and said more sanctions could be imposed on Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin could not be allowed to attend the G20 summit in Brisbane this November.

On Wednesday night, the Russian foreign ministry accused the Australian government of making absurd and irresponsible statements.

Russia said comments from Australian leaders apportioning blame to Russia for supporting the separatists showed the government had “completely lost an adequate picture of the developments in Ukraine and around it”, the Russian news agency ITAr-Tass said.

A Russian convoy of about 300 vehicles, allegedly carrying humanitarian aid, was on its way to eastern Ukraine but without any international agreement on where it was going or what it was carrying, sparking fears that it was a precursor to an invasion.

“They keep making absurd statements that the humanitarian convoy to help civilians in the south-east of Ukraine can be used as a pretext for Russia’s ‘armed invasion’ of the neighbouring country,” the ministry said.

“Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has gone farther than others in making irresponsible innuendoes against our country even though one would think that her position presupposes building bridges between countries, not destroying them.”