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17 August 2014


News Corp has in effect named Bill Shorten in The Australian newspaper on Saturday (16/8/14) as the suspect in the Victoria police rape investigation regarding a senior ALP member. The rape investigation was always going to end Bill Shorten’s political career at some point given the way he has handled it with complete silence and the story in The Australian may expedite it ending.
This website has previously named Bill Shorten as the suspect and has published 5 previous articles on the Bill Shorten rape investigation.
The article in The Australian is written by Grace Collier. It is titled: “Labor’s looming disasters a golden opportunity for Coalition” and says the following in regards to the Bill Shorten police investigation:

“The second police investigation is into the very serious allegation of rape against a 16-year-old girl, many years ago. A senior Labor person has been under investigation for almost a year. The person has not been named in the media (if he were a footballer might this be different?) but anyone with an internet connection knows who he is.”

When this investigation is finalised, one of two things will happen. Either charges will be laid, which will be a disaster for Labor, or charges will not be laid, and the complainant may make her story public, which will be a disaster for Labor.

There are 3 points I will make in relation to the article:
1. If the two options mentioned above do not happen then the third option will at the next election. The third option will be where social media rises up with extreme force demanding answers from Bill Shorten or his resignation. But by then it will be too late for Shorten and the Labor Party and they will lose the election.

2. The journalist Grace Collier was not allowed to name Bill Shorten but did the next best thing by pointing people to the internet. Do an internet search with a few keywords and you quickly end up on this site which does name Shorten.

3. The article says “anyone with an internet connection knows who he is”. That is not quite right but plenty of people do know and if someone does not they can find out easy. But every journalist in the country knows that is for sure, they just aren’t saying anything.

A major reason that it is easy to find on the internet is the previous 5 articles that this website has published and all the supporters that have promoted the articles. This website has not allowed the story, which started on Facebook, to die off and it will be an election issue at the next federal election if Bill Shorten is not replaced beforehand.

Shorten can run but he cannot hide from dealing with this forever. The British media have named Cliff Richard as a suspect in a police investigation and obviously learnt their lesson in failing to name Rolf Harris even though it was all over social media for months. In a lot of ways it is similar to the media in Australia failing to name Bill Shorten. The media are just making themselves look very dodgy in front of their own audience.

It is only a matter of time and Bill Shorten will be gone. He could even be gone in a week or two if enough people drive this story. It does not matter whether it is the mainstream media or social media. It just needs a bit of a push to go viral. If it does not happen in the next few days it will happen between now and the next election.

What is for certain is that this will be one of the biggest stories for a very long time. How can an alternative Prime Minister be under investigation for rape yet the mainstream media do not report it? And the mainstream media wonder why they are struggling. People will analyse why the media failed for years to come.

First Published here