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07 April 2014

After The Libslide

The Abbott government lost its credibility last night. They campaigned on what's become their only policy, their panacea for everything, the cure-all, repealing the carbon tax (a loathesome impost on each suffering, sorrowing voter of twenty-two cents a week, as much as that), in the state that most fears it, Western Australia. And the PRO-carbon tax party, the Greens, got seven more percent than they did in September.

This shows a few things. It shows the carbon tax formed no part of the Coalition win last year. It shows, probably, that it was only the 'leadership instability' of the Labor Party that lost it government. None of its policies was unpopular, none of its ministers reviled, and some of its policies, broadband, Gonski and NDIS in particular, were admired everywhere. They created a lot of jobs and, in their last months, pretty much stopped the boats. Abbott was not liked, but he was thought to be, probably, a better economic manager and leader of a more stable team and worth a try.

And all that is gone now. They have no credibility any more. And each new poll that shows them under 50 will be, should be, must be, reported as a new crisis, a new debacle by PVO and Hartcher and Henderson, and bewailed by Bolt and Bramston as a national tragedy.

For they are not doing well. Julie Bishop mixed up thousands and millions on Insiders this morning, and Matheus Cormann refused on agenda to say which DECADE would supply a surplus, and Abbott looks more and more like an HIV sufferer or an anorexic, or a sad example of mismanaged facial surgery. He has lately refused knighthoods to Lillee, Warnie, Twiggy, Richie, Singo, Richo and Geoffrey Rush, and will soon give damehoods to Peta Credlin, Pru Goward and his 'love mother' Bronwyn Bishop before he demotes her, with regret, from the Speakership and runs one of his frisky daughters as her replacement in Mackellar.

And, Liberal party workers all over the land will be hereinafter trembling with fear, and at midnight after their fourth scotch thinking, just thinking, of seeking work with Palmer.

The carnival is over. And from this day forward, for the Liberals, the LNP, the CLP and the Nationals, oblivion begins.

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